Challenges of Practice Ownership: Competition

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Challenges of Practice Ownership: Competition

No matter whether you are a small business owner or a practice owner and operator, there are issues that can be faced if there is no appropriate planning.

Medical businesses are not exempt from the issues other businesses face, and with some insight into the three main types of issues, you may be able to save time, money, and of course, stress.


We are beginning with the most common challenge that is seen throughout any business: Competition. Just like any other business, general practices and medical practices are seeing an increase in the negative impact of a competitive marketplace, emphasising the critical need of a competitive edge.

Having a clear understanding of who your practice’s competition is and what they are doing is essential. This allows practice managers to differentiate their brand and business from competitors, through authentic social media and client interactions.

Reflecting your practice’s brand within your built environment is essential. It is one thing to say you are something, and another to be what you say. A good design and layout of your space reflects the value of clients and staff, facilitating a competitive edge and making your practice stand out; influencing client attraction and retention.

Don’t get lost in the modern competitive market place by losing sight of how you can make your medical practice stand out. Welcome your clients and patients into an environment where they feel safe, cared for and relaxed with a simple refurbishment or fit out.

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