3 Ways Teamwork Can Improve Your Bottom Line

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3 Ways Teamwork Can Improve Your Bottom Line

Is a lack of collaboration hurting your healthcare business?

Healthcare facilities, more than any other businesses, need to work as well-oiled machines.

But with competing operational demands, conflicting priorities and the constant push-pull of patient needs to work around, it can become too easy for silos to develop sabotaging outcomes.


Here are 3 ways to increase your collaboration and ultimately boost your bottom line:

1. Break down stereotyping
The staff populating healthcare facilities are evolving just as swiftly as the facilities themselves, with diversity and inclusivity legislation encouraging a broader demographic across the board.

Abandon the ‘nurses are female, doctors are white men, and receptionists are there to make coffee’ stereotyping by focussing on diversity in your recruitment processes and making equal access to amenities and internal services a standard part of your policies and procedures.

Inclusivity should extend to patients, making sure your interior design doesn’t unintentionally segregate or undermine their validity through walled off waiting areas and inaccessible administration staff.

Progressive healthcare providers are now on the radar for savvy consumers and word will spread quickly by impressed patients, attracting more people to your practice.

2. Optimise circulation spaces
Healthcare facilities must fit many people with conflicting needs into sometimes tight spaces.

A smart design in which a wide range of resources are easily to hand wherever you are can make all the difference in both the speed and ease of delivery.

When staff are resourced and patient needs are met, frustration diminishes and all stakeholders are more likely to want to work together to achieve even greater output.

3. Promote communication and consistency
Healthcare facilities can be beset by strong emotions ranging from fear and pain through to bewilderment and frustration.

With such a potential emotional tumult to combat, clear and consistent communication and messaging is of supreme importance.

With staff well aware of expectations and educated in robust processes and procedures, a business can run smoothly. The use of engaging visual aids for prompts and clear way-finding are also essential to make sure everyone is where they should be, and doing what they should be doing at all times!

Just think about how this coherence within your healthcare facility will positively impact your bottom line as efficiency soars, as well as hugely increase the satisfaction and engagement of staff and patients alike!

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