3 Principles To Improve Health

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Healthcare facility paradigms are rapidly changing.

Designers and builders have an even broader opportunity to improve health and wellbeing beyond the walls of a facility.

Whilst natural light, views of nature, and improved way finding as means to promote healing are commonplace, rethinking where care is delivered and proactively improve health is a continuing challenge.

Here are Interite Healthcare Interiors’s 3 Principles to Improve Health for your practice.

  1. Put people first. Ensure spaces are designed for all ages and abilities where anyone can be accommodated.
  2. Energise shared spaces. Incorporating public gathering spaces into healthcare settings can have a positive effect on health by providing space for wellness. Create pleasant internal destinations (i.e courtyards and dining areas).
  3. Make it active. Endorse active healthcare settings. Encourage use of stairs, walkways and pathways. Providing sidewalks and bike racks as well as playgrounds and gardens. Make the healthy choices easy.

Trust only a specialist designer and builder of healthcare environments for any of your practice’ requirements.

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Adapted from the Ten Principles for Building Healthy Places by the ULI.

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