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How Good Design Contributes to Patient Experience

There is no difference between a new medical space that provides all the flexibility of a blank canvas or an existing space that needs some revitalisation and additional functionality. From a design perspective, the common denominator here is the application of a Human-Centred Design approach. Human-Centred Design is a term that Interite Healthcare Interiors pride...
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The Power of Wayfinding: What it can do for you  

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with the hospital signages when you went for your appointment? Or found yourself walking in circles to find the consulting room? You are not alone.  According to Richard Matyear’s article from “The human cost of hospital navigation issues”, 30% of first-time visitors get confused and lost in hospitals due to the...
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Concierge for Healthcare: Can it work for your practice?

The next big thing is coming to healthcare design and that is the introduction of concierge desks to work alongside the main reception space in your clinic. According to Best Upon Request, hospital concierge can help raise satisfaction scores, streamline patient flow, elevate clinical efficacy, and decrease clinician burnout. To determine if this might work for your...
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The Evolution of the Standard Consult Room

  It is no secret that technology is the frontier with our ever-evolving healthcare system. The medical design has had a significant impact on the evolution of general practice healthcare. Shifting away from acute care settings that created the multidisciplinary clinic has been extremely beneficial on multiple fronts, especially in keeping the costs down for patients...
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Designing for the Deaf

Based on the World Health Organisation, around 466 million people worldwide have disabling hearing loss and the numbers are estimated to grow by 2050 with over 900 million people. The interior design demands for hearing loss is not as observable as spaces for blindness or mobility reduction. The requirements are more subtle when it comes...
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Culture in a medical environment


Patients are now doing more than just bemoan a lack of “bedside manner” from their practitioners.  They are now voting with their feet and seek a healthcare professional that meets their emotional AND physical needs. This means you owe it to your practice to get on board! What does “culture” even mean in a medical...
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How Much will Refurbishing Cost Me?

You want to calculate your refurbishing cost but, don’t know where to start? Are you thinking of renovating your clinic but too busy to calculate the cost by yourself? Renovating your healthcare practice is essentially a good business move. A functional and effective design has healing elements that are beneficial, not only for your patients...
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Ways Teamwork Can Improve Your Bottom Line

Teamwork is vital in any organisations, especially in the healthcare industry. But with competing operational demands, conflicting priorities and the constant push-pull needs to work around, it can become too easy for silos to develop sabotaging outcomes. Here are 3 ways to improve employee teamwork in the healthcare setting  and ultimately boost your bottom line:...
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Why Move Out When You Can Refurbish?

Why Move Out When You Can Refurbish? Running out of space can be a good problem to have if it means your business is growing. When the rubber hits the road, which method of growing your healthcare practice or medical clinic is really right for you?   It is appealing to just up stumps and...
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