Natassja Wynhorst

Designing Healthcare Spaces That Work
Designing Healthcare Spaces that Work In the not so distant past, healthcare centres were once a space of cold tiles, bright lights and sterile smells and ambiances. Yet, now the warm and welcoming environments are taking hold of the healthcare industry, making patients feel more relaxed and at home. The design and layout of any...
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Healthcare Rise of Digital Disruption
Healthcare and the Rise of Digital Disruption Many contemporary challenges face healthcare systems, including the rise of technological and digital disruption. With this exponential rise and evolution of modern healthcare technologies, it is essential that health facilities incorporate a design and construct approach which prepares for, and embraces, the change. With that being said, there...
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World Parkinson's disease day. April 11th.
World Parkinson’s Day – April 11 World Parkinson’s Day is this month on April 11, and events in the support of the day are taking over the world all throughout the month. This day aims to raise awareness and vital funds for research into better treatments, and ultimately a cure. Unfortunately, it is a sad...
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World Autism Awareness Day 2019
World Autism Awareness Day – April 2 The twelfth annual World Autism Awareness Day is this month on April 2, and is a day of recognition and raising awareness for those living with Autism. To support this, communities, individuals and businesses around the world are sporting light-blue, and events are taking place all month to...
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Peel Orthodontics Dental Clinic Design
One in every four adults is likely to experience some degree of anxiety and fear when visiting the dentist. The quality of patient and staff experience can be improved significantly with an expert dental surgery design. A good dental practice design should consider the following: A.  Chair position and orientation Good chair orientation aids privacy and...
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Healthcare Design Experiment
What We Are Seeing You Experiment in Within Your Practice? In today’s day and age, healthcare professionals are increasingly becoming more aware of the importance of design and how the physical environment can contribute to healing and improved recovery times. Because of this, Interite Healthcare Interiors predict an exponentially greater adoption of multidisciplinary designs when...
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World Down Sydnrome Day
World Down Syndrome Day – March 21 Today is a day of awareness and recognition for the world’s most common chromosome disorder that we know of. One of every 700-900 babies around the world will be born with Down syndrome, making the world no stranger to the disorder. Today, Interite Healthcare Interiors are celebrating the...
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Virtual Reality Healthcare
Using Virtual Reality to Enhance Client Experience Virtual reality (VR) has been used as a buzz word for many years in many different sectors and industries, and now it has found a real purpose within the medical design industry. VR is no longer just for fun and video games anymore, as it is now helping...
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Headspace Lithgow Team
Lithgow’s Headspace fit-out nearing completion Article released on Lithgow Mercury – March 04 2019 While its programs have already been rolled out into high schools in the area, Marathon Health group manager of headspace services Peter Rohr said the completion of the Main Street building was the final missing puzzle piece. “We have recruited an amazing...
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International Womens Day 2019
International Women’s Day – March 8 Today is not just about celebrating the nearing of the weekend, it’s about celebrating women everywhere; today is International Women’s Day! This year’s International Women’s Day’s theme is #BalanceforBetter. This day is not country, group or company specific, in fact, today is a worldwide celebration. Every year on March...
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